ATECAR GARAGE LTD is a locally registered company, founded 1st June 2001. Its headquarters is located in Kigali-Rwanda, on the road KN 8 AVE 5 known as YAMAHA-KINAMBA next to MEREZ Petroleum station Muhima Sector, Nyarugenge District. It is under the supervision of the Managing Director, as indicated by the statutes. The Managing Director is at the same time in charge of the main garage. Besides his high qualification in technical skills, he has got long work experience since 1978. One part of his work experience was acquired in Bujumbura where he was in Workshops as chief of several well-known enterprises : German Technical Assistance, Old East-Burundi, Chanic Burundi, and Electro-technique diesel.

In Rwanda, he had been the Head of Garage Etablissement Rwandais and Akagera Motors Beyond his duties of being the Managing Director, the company has the head of Car workshop with long years of experience acquired from many companies after he was Educated to a high level in technical engineering.

In addition to its two senior executives, the garage is divided into three teams :

1. Mechanical : this team is made up of mechanics and their helpers in charge of repairs (engine overhaul, clutch system, suspension, tire balancing, and pinching) and maintenance (oil change and lubrication Service A, B, and C) of the vehicle.

2. Auto Electricity : This unit is responsible for the resolution of automotive electrical problems, electronics, computer-based tests, adjusting lights, and air conditioning of vehicles.

3. Bodywork : this department takes care of the collision repair and renders the following services to clients : bodywork, panel beating, assembly and disassembly, sanding, welding, body polishing, and painting.

For efficiency, effectiveness and better serve its customers, ATECAR garage has set up the following :

1. In regard to spare parts, the company has its own spare parts store which contains many articles needed in the garage. For the spares not available in its stores and elsewhere in Rwanda, the company has suppliers based in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, and Dubai who are ready to send urgently through DHL or any other quick means.

2. Rapid Response contract and pickup vehicle accident by the Company HK Breakdown Services Ltd. Apart from the breakdown services, we have the corresponding garage in all provinces of Rwanda.

3. Concerning vehicle securities that were put under her control, our garage has a contract of security services day and night and the company is equipped with an alarm system issued by TOPSEC SECURITY. We have also an insurance cover for any damage that can be caused by our technical staff to the vehicles of our esteemed customers, inside or outside the garage.

4. A contract cleaning and cleanliness with Nyarugenge District to ensure that this work is done professionally and in accordance with the standards of REMA for environmental protection.

5. A rapid response technical service 24h / 24h and 7days / 7days. By dialing the numbers 0788300497, 0788308110 you will enjoy the speed and efficiency of the service.

6. As part of the training of its staff, the garage hires the service of consultants from GIZ and SPX annually to update the knowledge of its staff.

After a period of more than 18 years of experience, GARAGE ATECAR Ltd can assume to be well known just because it satisfies clients’ needs and wishes.


  • Complete Computer
  • Fuel System Services
  • Brake Repair Specialists
  • Complete Safety Analysis
  • Steering and Suspensions
  • Mufflers and Exhaust Systems

+(250) 788300497


KN 8 AVE / Yamaha Kinamba