Our values: Quick – Easy – Quality – Building Community

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Welcome to Dukore Shop

DUKORE SHOP is a Rwandan Creative hub connecting Rwandan makers to worldwide clients and inspiring them through hard work. 70% of our profit goes to uplifting community causes.

DUKORE (DK) is a Rwandan creative hub based in Nyamirambo established on 21/11/2017 by creative young entrepreneurs passionate about art, craft, fashion, and job creation.



Through our hub, we create opportunities for vulnerable, community-minded, talented, artistic creators who have hit a proverbial wall by Providing training and workshop for their improvement of skills and talents, showroom space for working and exhibition, branding, marketing, and sales on the local and international market as well as opportunities for accessing resources and technical support locally and internationally.

The art gallery and craft store in DUKORE HUB serves as an attraction to tourists and individuals who love art, fashion, and interior designs who like to explore the MADE IN RWANDA creative products.

We produce quality luxury and ordinary MADE IN RWANDA clothes with special emphasis on underwear, office wear, casual wear, and modesty clothes with the aim to become one of the pioneers of MADE IN RWANDA in the textile manufacturing sector.



At DUKORE, we believe everyone is equal and has a story to share. In fact, this is something we encourage. At our hub, our team shares stories and celebrates personal milestones in our team meetings because we believe that open conversations are the key to unlocking the strength of diverse teams. This allows us to continually practice cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion that feels safe for everyone. It also inspires us to think differently and challenge our own assumptions and biases. We embrace open conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion because they allow our community to evolve and continually move forward.

Every year, we host various company-wide initiatives to champion advocacy, amplify diverse perspectives, and increase awareness of our own personal responsibility on the global stage. Recognizing each other as Global Citizens empowers us to think bigger and set the bar higher as we seek to transform our communities. At DUKORE, our global mindset defines us and informs everything we do.

Recently, we have seen a large number of Rwandan Entrepreneurs opening up creative ventures in making traditional products and designs, crafts, and handmade functional items. These products have much potential for competing on the international stage, yet their distribution channels are still largely underdeveloped.
We have the mission of creating opportunities for community-minded, talented, artistic creators who’ve hit a proverbial wall. To do this, we exclusively partner with emerging makers who submit their work to the Dukore Gallery and then reach out to local businesses using Dukore’s connection methods.
We started DUKORE HUB to provide local makers with the opportunities they need, not

to make money but also to develop as entrepreneurs.


Rwanda as a country is either seen as an impoverished region with horrible history or an inspiring country that has been through so much but managed to come out of it. But we believe the truth lies somewhere in-between. The full potential of Rwandan youth lies in arts and creativity and what we at Dukore do is use our network to link local creatives with international clients.
Dukore provides an art community where local artists can sell their work and talents to the public. It creates opportunities for emerging local artists to showcase, promote, and sell their work to the public.


We find great local talent and create opportunities for them to do what they love. Dukore is a project that serves as an income source for many Rwandans by helping them promote their products and find clients locally and globally at the same time. is a web-based platform that craft-makers can sell to clients in the world all over.

We curate from emerging and undiscovered makers; we host events to network with each other and industry professionals; we set up one ongoing commission opportunity to buy products directly from the makers; we manage our projects to provide a professional space for makers.

Our values: Quick – Easy – Quality – Building Community

Our personality: Honest and Friendly


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