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Rivera High School is a private institution that was founded in 2007. This was in response to the President’s appeal for private investors to enter into the education sector. It is a high quality secondary boarding school, for boys and girls, with capacity for a total of 600 learners. Opened in January 2007, it is now in its eleventh year of operation and is recognized for its high quality in terms of academic performance and student discipline.

The school offers the Rwanda National curriculum under the Rwanda Education Board (REB) and the Cambridge International curriculum at ‘O’ and ‘A’ levels. We have the added benefits of computer studies, practical science work carried out in a lively but strict learning environment.

The school prides itself in a teaching staff made up highly qualified and well trained professionals. The recruitment process ensures that a prospective teacher shows demonstrable competence in the subject area and also in mentorship. Discipline is highly prized and well maintained at three levels – spiritual, social and academic.

Riviera High School is well equipped and the standard of its facilities is outstanding. In addition to its teaching, administrative and living space, the school has science laboratories, IT resource centre with internet, a spacious library and an array of sports facilities including a well-kept standard swimming pool

Thank you for expressing interest in our school. Riviera High School is an International School in Kigali, Rwanda. Our Mission is “to produce in large numbers a special quality of student whom universities and employers will compete to enrol, due to their high levels of performance, ethics and good citizenship”.

Our vision is to “deliver a student-centered education underpinned by established teaching skills and a strong school culture which ensures that it is high-performing, disciplined, ethical, self-developmental and aware of its educational and social environment”.


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