Sawa Citi Supermarket

To be the leading retail and distribution chain store in Rwanda region and beyond.

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My energy and enthusiasm have been driven and inspired by how each and every member of the Sawa Citi team has responded to the call for all of us to ensure that every single customer leaves our stores happy. We continue to empower everyone in the company for the benefit of our customers and I would like to thank every one of our committed staff for rising to the challenge and living up to my very high expectations.

I am most grateful to our suppliers and stakeholders who continue to have trust in our business. At Sawa Citi, we owe immense gratitude to our customers for trusting our brands and relying on us to provide for their families. We run an efficient business but continue to modernize and have invested in a new technology platforms to improve our agility. In this process we expect better collaboration, information sharing and productivity increases.

Continued investment in our central distribution network, enables us to further improve stock availability and bring additional benefits to suppliers.

The future of Sawa Citi’s diversified portfolio enables us to maximize business performance during good and bad times. We believe that no matter the environment, our unique structure and strategy means there is always more than one lever to pull.

Within 10 years we have seen palpable progress on all fronts, proving that with effort and innovation, there is still significant room for growth.

I thank you for your support!


Started in 2013, Sawa Citi is specialized in four (4) main business sectors, namely; Retail, Import & Distribution, Bakery &Food Production, E-Commerce.

To be the leading retail and distribution chain store in Rwanda region and beyond.

  • To work progressively toward redefifining the supply value chain by bringing in technology products and solutions, fulfilling ongoing market demand and by adding value through timely availability of the goods, product knowledge and value-adding to a profitable working relationship.
  • To work effectively towards creating demand for products and passage to market by the generation of beneficial opportunities for our partner through efficient supply chain and knowledge management.


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Contact us: +250 788 316 000