Simba Supermarket

A leading supermarket in Kigali. We offer quality service at an affordable price.

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About Simba Supermarket

Our Mission

  • To build consistent business relationships and a high reputation among all of our customers.
  • To encourage innovation and new ideas with new business approaches to keep a competitive edge.
  • To become one of the most reliable, stable, and trusted suppliers in the market, all of our clients rely entirely on us in all aspects of their business requirements.
  • To increase company capability to be able to serve wider market requirements potentially.

Our Purpose

We save your money so that you can live better. We do this by offering the best of goods at a reasonable price. That’s what we’re passionate about, our strengths, and our reason for being


Q For more information

Contact us: +250 788 307 200 /+250 252 570 566