The pharmaceutical industry is ever changing, shadowing the changes in our environment.

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Societe Pharmaceutique Du Rwanda Limited (SOPHAR), a privately owned company founded in 2007, distributes generic and brand named drugs and medical consumables in Rwanda. In 2012, SOPHAR received funding through a strategic partnership with Fanisi Capital Investment Fund based in Nairobi, Kenya. In 2013, SOPAHR launched the construction of a warehousing project at the Special Economic Zone in Kigali where its Headquarters are now currently located.

The pharmaceutical industry is ever changing, shadowing the changes in our environment. Understanding and countering these changes with new and improved products is the day to day challenge that affects the pharmaceutical industry. In the forefront of change is technology; breakthrough in science has greatly affected the industry and products.

Pharmaceutical customers are General Practitioners and patients. At present, only 1% of the population live more than 5KM from a Health Facility.[1] In 2012, the Rwanda Population was 10.5 million, of these 4.87% or slightly above half a million people (511,738) were over the age of 60.[2] It is noted that the number of elderly people has more than doubled since 1978. At present, Community Based Health Insurance Policy, based on stratified payment of premiums was operationalised in 2011. It is reported that, 86% of the categorised population were covered by health insurance.[3]

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here are some dates:

November 2007: 58 pharmacists shareholders create SOPHAR

November 2012: a second warehouse (a first Branch) is opened in Kigali City Market.

December 2012: Strategic partnership signed with Fanisi Capital investment fund based in Nairobi (Kenya). Fanisi’s major investors are World Bank (via SFI), Norfund (via Norwegian Agency for development Cooperation), FinnFund (Finnish Fund for Industrial Cooperation) and Proparco (subsidiary of the French Development Agency dedicated to financing the private sector)

January 2013: Renewal of Board Membersincluding the nomination of Mr. Fundira Leon, Mr. Karitanyi Canisius, Ms. Kaivola Pekka and Ms. Makatiani Ayisi

March 2013: launch of the construction of a warehouse located in the Kigali Free Trade Zone

September 2013: Starting of using a new modern ERP-SAP Business One

May 2014: New Managing Director Mr Joseph MWANZA is appointed replacing Mr Jean Paul NDINDIBIJE

October 2014: With all construction works done, We moved from Muhima and inaugurate the new warehouse and headquarter at Kigali Prime Economic Zone.

May 2015: Mr Murray Clark joins the Board of Directors replacing Mr Pekka KAIVOLA, and the Board members are : Mr. Fundira Leon, Mr. Karitanyi Canisius, Mr Murray Clark, Mr. Makatiani Ayisi and Mr Deo Kamurase.

August 2015: Mr Murray Clark is appointed The Chairman of  Board of Directors Replacing Mr Leon FUNDIRA

November 2015: Opening of a new Branch ( a second Distribution Center) in Remera at Umuyenzi Plaza

November 2016: New Managing Director  Ms SHILEWONISYO Lichuma  is appointed replacing Mr Joseph MWANZA
January 2018:New Managing Director Mr. Bhavesh Mohanlal DAWOODIA  is appointed replacing Ms SHILEWONISYO Lichuma
June 2019: Fanisi Capital Investment’s leaving from SOPHAR


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