St. Kizito Technical High School


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In 1968, an Italian-trained, German priest named Father Hermann Schultz started a village for homeless children in Musha, Rwanda. In his own words:

Father Hermann

I discovered the locals were both illiterate and jobless. When I asked what I could do to help them, they answered that they wanted a place to be educated and learn a trade. So that’s what I gave them – starting with the Youth Village in 1968 and progressing to a separate vocational high school in 2008.

ETSK is a rural boarding high school set on one Rwanda’s thousand hills, above a beautiful lake, just a one-hour drive from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda – a country that many believe to be the future development model for all of Africa.

This private vocational high school educates up to 350 motivated boys and girls, teaching the skills necessary to find a job or progress to a university on a government scholarship. Specialties include CONSTRUCTION, COMPUTER SCIENCE, AND CULINARY ARTS.


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Telephone: +250 788 524 623

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Address: Musha-Rwamagana-Eastern Province